The Ultimate Guide
To Getting Off-The-Grid And Protecting Yourself And Your Family
In Tough Times!

Discover more than 1147 tips, tricks and secrets for living a healthier, safer, lower cost, more self-reliant life!

 From survival gardening, to alternative health, to effective homesteading and self-defense and more... there's something in this guide for everyone...

 Whether you just want to live a better, more natural lifestyle... or... achieve total "off-the-grid" self-sufficiency!

  The Big Book of Off The Grid Secrets

Bill Heid
Thomson, Illinois

Dear Friend,

Did you know that the dollar ($) sign is a combination of the letters "P" and "S", which is the abbreviation for pesos... and... that the peso was the principle coin in circulation in the United States until 1794?

It's true. It was also known as the "Spanish Dollar." After that, we began marketing our own dollars.

And, as you probably know, the United States dollar went on to become the most stabile, most revered and respected unit of currency in the world.  So much so, it's the world's leading reserve currency today.

But why all this talk about the dollar?

It's simple...

Our Government's Runaway
Spending Has Put The
Dollar At Grave Risk!

In fact, let me quote an article from the July 2012 issue of James Cook's Market Update newsletter:

"The runaway spending of our government puts the dollar at grave risk.  Despite this fact it's highly unlikely that this excessive spending will be voluntarily curbed.  Our government will stop spending when the markets of the world force it to quit.  Nothing could be more unpleasant for America.  It will start with dollar weakness.  Make no mistake, the dollar could ultimately become worthless."

Quite a dire prediction, indeed! 

And it comes from a recognized authority who has been following the ups and downs of the dollar for decades... with... an impeccable reputation for forecasting the future.

But so what?

What does all this mean to you?  And what, if anything, should you be doing right now to prepare yourself should the worst occur?

Hi, as it says above, my name is Bill Heid and I am President of Powerful Living.

For years now our company has been providing resources, information and off-the-grid gear to help people become more self-sufficient and prepare for tough times now and in the future when things could become much, much worse.

Recently, because of my growing alarm over where our country is heading--and predictions like you just read above--I assembled a sort of "Emergency Strike Team" here at our company headquarters. 

After I got everyone together, I instructed them to comb through our tremendous backlog of informative information to pull out the best-of-the-best articles and resources on Off-The-Grid Living and put them into a single volume that will help anyone become better prepared to deal with all the challenges we are facing (and are going to be facing) as a nation.

It's finally finished and the title is...


How To Protect
Yourself And Your

Family In The
Coming Hard Times!

This guide is divided into 9 sections and is a whopping 517 pages.  What's more, it comes with a "Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee" that lets you preview it at absolutely no risk whatsoever for 90 days. 

That means, the worst that can happen is you'll come out with more than $350.00 in valuable free bonuses if you decide the guide is not for you and you return if for a full refund.

More on that later. 

First, let me reveal a small sample of the hundreds of amazing secrets you will discover throughout each section...

SECTION ONE: Off-The-Grid Gardening Secrets

  • How earthworms boost your garden production...Get started using them immediately and see your garden explode like never before!
  • Maximizing bee pollination – want a bigger harvest? Raise your own bees or attract more pollinators to your garden.
  • How to prepare your spring the dead of winter!
  • Gardening in a drought – information every gardener must know, no matter where you live.
  • Everything you need to know to have a plentiful fall garden – fall gardens are one of the most bountiful harvests if you know how to do it right!
  • Best crops for winter harvests – learn how to harvest in all four seasons.
  • How to save seeds the right way – never buy expensive seed packets again!
  • Build your own orchard right in your backyard...
  • Grow your own tea at home!

SECTION TWO: Off-The-Grid Food Storage Secrets

  • The right and wrong ways to store food – options that work for any off-gridder, anywhere!
  • Best ways to manage your food supply – this how-to will teach you how to manage your food supply easily and for maximum usage.
  • Build your own solar food dehydrator! Easy and no gimmicks!
  • Keep meat fresh without a refrigerator!
  • Preserving eggs for months at a time – learn the simple & easy way to keep your fresh eggs longer!
  • Make your own pectin from scratch – save tons of money preserving your own food with homemade pectin.

SECTION THREE: Off-The-Grid Health Secrets

  • Stay OUT of the doctor's office by treating earaches, allergies, and colds all naturally, off-grid, at home!
  • Discover Mother Nature's first aid kit – what you simply must grow and have on hand for emergencies & more...
  • Ten reasons why you should be using honey...use it for insomnia, coughs, colds, and more.
  • Mutamba: The all-natural asthma cure! Yes, you can treat asthma naturally!

SECTION FOUR:  Off-The-Grid Living Secrets

  • How to make your own deodorant...the one toiletry no one wants to go without.
  • And, learn how to make your own shampoo – without nasty, toxic chemicals!
  • Make your own essential oils & even your own perfume!
  • What to do when you run out of toilet paper (It's going to happen. The question is when and what you'll do when it happens.)

SECTION FIVE: Off-The-Grid Survival Secrets

  • Create your own water source – no matter where you live!
  • Make your own long-lasting candles for emergencies or everyday use.
  • Native American survival tactics – Learn survival skills from the ultimate preppers!
  • Trapping 101 – learn everything you need to know to get started ASAP.
  • How to tan hides with little experience or materials...
  • The six most crucial things preppers overlook...even the most seasoned preppers forget these key items.
  • Learn the #1 thing nearly every prepper'll be better prepared just after reading this one section of the book!

SECTION 6: Off-The-Grid Defense Secrets

  • Top 5 mistakes new gun owners make – you'll be surprised by some of them!
  • Survival gunsmithing anyone can do, anywhere...
  • Storing guns in the off-season – key points you should know to extend the life of your hunting rifles and more.
  • Protect yourself and your family with body armor for home defense – from the basics to what law enforcement pros use.
  • Make your own PVC crisis bow – for emergencies or for sport!
  • The real reason behind skyrocketing ammo's probably not what you think!

SECTION SEVEN: Off-The-Grid Energy Secrets

  • Don't break the bank when buying solar panels. This how-to guide will tell you exactly what kinds of solar panels to'll learn the different economical options at your disposal, with pros and cons given for each.
  • Build your own batteries and create your own personal battery bank to have on hand for emergencies or just for off-the-grid living.
  • Fluorescent vs. LED – the showdown. Which one is right for you? Find out with this guide.
  • Keep your house cool with these off-grid measures, no matter where you live!
  • 16 must-know tips for wood heating your home...
  • Getting by with less – the ultimate guide to energy & resource preservation for off-gridders and preppers!
  • 14 of our best ideas for efficient off-grid homebuilding – must have information for anyone who wants to build a new home that's completely off-the-grid!
  • Learn about hot-water heat recovery...

SECTION EIGHT: Miscellaneous Off-The-Grid Secrets

  • Scheduling & Planning for the prepper – how to set goals and see them happen so you can live your off-grid dream!
  • Junk Silver 101: Your personal crash course. Which coins to buy or collect, which ones to avoid...
  • The one commodity worth more than might be shocked to find out what it is!

SECTION NINE: Off-The-Grid Radio Shows – A Compilation of Our Very Best Shows!

In this section, you'll read the word-for-word transcripts of our Off-The-Grid Radio interviews with leading authorities on a wide variety of subjects important to you health, safety, and security.

This is definitely stuff you won't get from the mainstream media.  You'll hear from...

  • The secret to living well on NOTHING at all...learn invaluable tips for living the good life on virtually no income!
  • The corruption of America – from moral decline in our culture to the collapse of the financial system as we know it, America is being brought down in scary ways. Learn what you can do to fight it!
  • A noble lie – the truth about the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing
  • Only 10% will survive – will you be one of them? Learn what it takes to survive a real crisis event such an EMP event...and learn how fragile our grid really is!
  • Living in a matrix world – the reality of good and evil. Whether you are a deeply spiritual person or not, this show will give you some real food for thought.
  • Has Illinois become a police state? How the Department of Agriculture is ruining some off-gridders dreams...could it be coming to your state too?
  • The government has its eye on you – how the government is peeking into your everyday life...from facebook to google to banking and everything in between, they are watching what you do.
  • Red diaper babies – Communism in America? One expert's knowledge might surprise you.

Plus, that's not all you are going to get!  Along with the guide, I'm going to throw in these 6 hard-hitting free bonus reports (valued at $25.00 each)...

  Stick To Your Guns:
How To Legally Carry Firearms
(Almost) Anywhere, Anytime!

Discover why you can't rely on local police for protection... PLUS the legal way to carry your firearm for protection.
The Top 11 Threats To The Power Grid
That Could Send The USA Back To The

Learn about two threats that could bring the entire power grid crashing down and damage it so severely that it would take up to a decade to restore. One is man-made, and the other is natural, but both are equally devastating. And that's only two threats we know most about--there are nine more that Americans are completely unaware of.
  Food Shock:
Dangerous New Trends Creating
Conditions For Shortages and Riots!

Learn why Americans are kidding themselves into thinking that food riots, subsistence diets, and malnourishment can't happen here. Find out why we can no longer take our food supply for granted.
  Gone Before You Get There:
The Top 77 Items That Instantly
Vanish From Store Shelves In A Panic!

Learn a dozen devastatingly powerful but simple ways that can get you out of any situation like this - that's right, ANY shortage or crisis - in an instant! Plus, this report "turns the table on both the grid and the system!"
  Cash Garden:
How To Beat Inflation In Your Own
Backyard With A High-Production

Get ready to beat inflation, save a ton of money, ensure your food supply, increase your family's health and
well-being... And, last but not least, grow some of the best tasting food of your life!
  Peak Water:
Why Clean, Safe Water Could
Soon Be As Valuable As Oil!

Learn about the state of our water supply today – and what might happen tomorrow if we don't get our ducks in a row fast. If you ever needed any motivation to think through your own emergency (and non-emergency) water supply plans

You'll get all these reports (available as instant downloads)... plus... 10 more equally riveting reports (also carrying a value at $25.00 each) when you order "The Big Book Of Off-The-Grid Secrets, Volume II" today, now... bringing...

The Total Free Bonus
Value To Over $350.00!

And there's absolutely no risk because the book comes with...

A 90-Day, Better Than Risk-Free
100% Money Back Guarantee!

Here's the deal: If you liked the First Volume of The Big Book of Off-The-Grid Secrets, you're simply going to love Volume Two! We had so much information we couldn't pack it all into Volume One. So, after much demand, we've done it all over again with new, updated material every prepper and off-gridder is going to love.

In Volume Two, we've compiled some of our very best tips and tricks for off-the-grid living. You don't want to miss this new's all brand-new information you don't want to miss.

SPECIAL OFFER! When you buy The Big Book of Off-The-Grid Secrets Volume 2, we're throwing in a copy of Volume 1... for free! That's right – you'll get both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of The Big Book of Off-The-Grid Secrets. That's a $29.97 value, and we'll even cover the shipping for Volume 1.

What if you've already got Volume 1? No problem. Keep one, and give the other copy away to a friend who needs this critical information, and keep the brand new Volume 2 for yourself! (Or stash it away for a birthday or Christmas gift or better can even use it for bartering! People will be dying to get their hands on these materials when the next crisis happens.)

The price of this whopping 517-page guide is just...

$29.97 Plus $9.97 shipping and handling.
(Total $39.94)

Order a copy 100% at my risk.  Read it and try out as many of the tips, and secrets in your life as you wish.  Then, if you are not satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, send it back--in any condition-- within 90 days and every penny you paid will be returned to you.  No hassles.  No questions asked, guaranteed!  PLUS...

You Can Keep The $350.00 Worth Of
Free Reports As A Thank You
Gift For Giving Us A Try!

Fair enough?  If so...


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WARNING: My accountant has warned me that I shouldn't be offering so much material at such a low price.  He told me I'm literally "giving away the store" and that I should be charging two to three times the price I am.  However, I'm in charge, and I want as many people as possible to have this potentially life-saving information in their hands.

So, this is a test to see just how low I can price this package and get it into the hands of as many people as possible.  It may turn out I will have to raise the price.  I'll know soon.  However, if you will order today, now, you'll get everything mentioned here at the lowest price it will ever be offered for. 

The price of this guide may double or triple literally any day.  Don't take a chance and put this off and have to pay more later.  Order now!


Bill Heid
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P.S.  One last thing: As you read above, the last section of the guide contains word-for-word transcripts of our Off-The-Grid Radio interviews with leading authorities on a wide variety of subjects important to you health, safety, and security.  These interviews are great to read... however... as a courtesy, we've gone ahead and included these shows for you to download and put them on a CD so you can listen to them in your car, or anywhere you may be, with a variety of mobile devices. You will gain immediate access to these shows as soon as your order is processed, right from your receipt page. This is another $29.95 value... yours free(And you can keep the shows too, even if you return the guide for a refund!)

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